Nearly the end of the year

I’ve just been sorting out my November figures. A poor month as I have no dividends from any companies in November and I haven’t invested in any share purchases either so my savings percentage was only recorded as 38% although I haven’t spend the money, I just haven’t invested the extra in shares or pension. It is just sitting in my bank account.

I have received my redundancy payment and also started my new job this month. I am not sure I am very happy there but at the moment I will tick over and pocket the salary try to hold my cool and learn a few things while I am there.

Why loose my cool? Because I am sick of working in teams where management just don’t want to make decisions (or have already made bad ones) and you are there trying to make the best of it – because you don’t have any say!

The rat race in all its glory – now that’s a big incentive to release myself from the world of work and reach FI so I dont have to suffer this cycle of continuous meetings and indecision.

I have updated my monthly income to include November.


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