New job

Now 3 weeks into my new job and have just received my first pay!

Still waiting for my old employer to pay my final salary and redundancy payment and provide me with a P45. Not having a P45 means that my new employer has had to use the emergency tax code so I have been taxed on all my income.

I have found that I can’t join my new employer’s pension scheme for 3 months as they have a delayed auto-enrollment date. They don’t backdate either which seems to be permitted under the move to auto-enrollment. Ah well, at least they seem to be aware of what they need to do and will be offering a scheme although it will not be very generous it is better than nothing and I get some tax advantages from saving into a pension scheme.

Other than that, I am settling in and meeting loads of people. Will see how it goes as I am unsure if its a good move for me. After all the upheaval at my last place, I feel somewhat down on the whole business environment at the moment. I need to continue to work and concentrate on my FI plan to free me from this treadmill.

Off to see how my finances are for the end of November.


One thought on “New job

  1. Hi Sparklebee,

    Great to hear you’re starting to settle in. I haven’t changed jobs in 8 years so I’ve forgotten what it’s like when you’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers and you feel like you don’t know anything about your job (compared to everyone else). It’s a tough one!

    At least you have some motivation during this transition to make some progress on becoming FI.

    I hope you continue to settle in. All the best!


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