Net worth

After last month’s ouch, things are looking at bit better this month. Just goes to show the roller coaster ride you get from investing in the stock market.

My recent share purchases (unilever and glaxo) are now showing in the black – up 5% and 3% respectively. I haven’t bought any shares this month so need to look at the market and select some to buy to add to my portfolio.

I have been concentrating on my new job and getting my old employer to pay my pension and my redundancy money.

My dividends this month have been pretty poor – i.e. 35p! It just shows that I have shares which don’t pay out every month.  I did read an article once on Motley Fool about picking shares based on their dividend payment dates so that you can get a trickle of dividends every month. Not always the best policy for picking shares but possible if you want that kind of setup.

I get some dividends paid next month, December, then a good dividend payout in January – just in time to settle any Christmas spending on my credit cards.

My accountant has filled in my tax form, it is the first tax year for rental income so wanted to make sure that everything was declared correctly. So I need to just double check the numbers and get them to submit it to the HMRC.

My index trackers are just about in the black and showing a positive growth percentage, after two months of negative figures. My managed funds are still showing a better gain that the indexes but I will continue to invest in tracker funds and see what happens over the long term. My share NISA this year is showing a 16% gain at the moment. My ISAs/NISAs as a whole are showing over 7% gain so quite pleased with that as finisher for 2014.





One thought on “Net worth

  1. Hi Sparklebee,

    It looks like you have plenty of positives to take from this month, well done!

    I think a lot of investors took a hit during October. My portfolio went down £800 from where it was in September. It looks like November has been a good month for a few of us now.

    I’m not sure when you started investing in Index Trackers, but 2014 has been a difficult year. I started in 2012 with Trackers, and I don’t think I ever saw it go into the red, I was very fortunate. I’m sure they’ll continue to pick up and stay ahead. The FTSE 100 is still lower today than it was at the start of January, so I believe there is plenty of growth potential to come.

    Congrat’s on the dividend, even if it isn’t high just yet. I just looked back at my last November and saw zero payments, so it’s all an improvement this year.

    I look at the month a companies dividends are released but I won’t buy a company because of it. If two shares were identical in potential value, and a company would fill a void month in the year, I might consider being influenced then. Ultimately I would take 100% of the years payments in January if the returns were higher rather than a perfect split over every month.

    I’m glad things are picking up, keep up the good work!


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