Into October and the Autumn season

Well, it is really starting to look like Autumn now.

I have almost finished preparing my house for the winter which I think could be a harsh one this year. Boiler is serviced, meter changed so I can change to a better tariff for the winter and I have almost finished painting and de-cluttering.

My financials are taking a bit of a battering this month, I bought some more Glaxo and Unilever shares this month and their share prices have been plunging ever since – I am not a day trader – so will hang onto them, I don’t have that urge to sell them in a panic. I want to try and create a small dividend portfolio of reasonable shares/companies to hold for a few years. I will not look at the price, forget them for a while and see what happens over the long term. Once I start picking up some dividends from them, then I can start to really assess where the portfolio is going.

I have been reading Tim Hale’s book -again- and looking at how to re-balance by ISA so that I have a bit more exposure to the Global market, I’m a bit too UK centric and I also need to look at some defensive options for my money so that I can start looking at an FI future in a few years time. It would be good to lock in some of the gains I have made over the previous years.

I would love to leave the rat race tomorrow but I don’t have the funds yet to do so. I could cope with a job loss for a while but couldn’t live or class myself as completely FI. At least I can feel comfortable and relaxed as I have more financial security than some of my friends and work colleagues. I must stop stressing and get down the the real point of life – living!

I am living frugally but happily. I have lost that consumerist head that most of my friends have. I will enjoy seeing and experiencing things that make me happy.

I need to go out there and enjoy the world and see it in all its glory. I love seeing the Autumn turn and the fabulous colours. I need to get my camera sorted and get out there taking photos. I want to start doing more artistic activities – given that this gives me the most pleasure. I love being creative and need to re-activate those lost ‘creative thoughts’ dulled by work and stress.


One thought on “Into October and the Autumn season

  1. Hi. I think everyone’s financials have taken a bit of a battering this month 🙂 Getting out there with your camera and refusing to be fazed by all that red is a very good idea.

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