Some housework!

While I am working out my notice, I thought I would use some of this ‘free’ time to get a few jobs done on my house.

I know that isn’t very FI – spending my money – but it is work on the house which will pay for itself in the long term. So in prep for the winter, I have had the boiler serviced so its nice and efficient over the winter. I have also had an electrician visit to sort a few things out:

1) fit new mains powered smoke alarms (if I rent out this house then that’s a mandatory requirement for renting).

2) fitted a timer on the immersion heater – so I can use the economy 7 tariff more effectively! ( I have an energy monitor so keep an eye on my energy use!)

Small changes but ones that will make a different. I have also been painting and getting a few odd jobs done – yes, a female DIYer – painting and a few odd jobs is fine but the more complex jobs I will leave to the professionals 🙂

It means I have spent about £300 this month on the house – but with my imminent extra personal time (due to the reduction in commuting) I can enjoy my house more this winter!

With my frugal head on, I’ve been out blackberry picking – I have been freezing them so I can make some great cakes and other fruity foods to enjoy over the winter season. Maybe some Sloe picking soon as the frosts are starting – some sloe gin for Christmas presents.

I have been watching with concern the situation with Tesco – I have some shares – so not happy with the big drop in share price! I will hang on to the shares are the moment and let the new guys get in there and sort out the mess. I will ride out the storm and see where they settle price-wise in a few months time, I don’t want to sell out and lose money in the heat of the moment, that’s when bad financial decisions are made.

I am steering clear of the supermarkets and looking at utilities and consumer products/manufacturing as the area to invest in next. Meanwhile I will keep putting away money into my pensions and S&S NISA into index funds to cover the bases.

Back to the painting and house make-over.


2 thoughts on “Some housework!

  1. I’ve only just recently bought a few Tesco shares, so shan’t be selling them any time soon! Thinking of taking a gamble and buying more while the price is low but like you, will wait to see what this new guy they’ve brought in will do. I think the company will turn itself around – how quickly that will take is anyone’s guess though!

  2. Having worked for a supermarket chain – I can see there is quite a shake up to be had. Tesco’s had the ‘IBM’ big company mentality for too long – not seeing the smaller more agile ‘discounters’ coming up and giving them a shock!

    They are a big company in the sector and so they should be able to battle this storm and come out the other side, streamline – more realistic on sales – and maybe the new guy will sort out their buying methods with suppliers. How can you run a company with no finance director at the helm because of extended notice periods and garden leave grants?

    This will not be the last sector to be hit by a restructure and the ‘big companies’ in each of those sectors need to keep looking over their shoulders.

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