September share purchase

As September begins I start to look at what shares to buy into with the remainder of the dividends I received in August. I have decided to buy some Glaxo, the price has dropped due to all that bad press coverage and they have also gone ex-dividend. It does mean that I will have to wait a while before I start getting any dividends from them but I am happy to wait as hopefully I am buying them while they are at a low price point (how do you ever know when the lowest point is reached).

Funnily enough, I had set a low threshold marker at the beginning of the year in my money app and that triggered today – so I have bought 100 shares in Glaxo today.  The share has closed down – typical – but hopefully in a few months time they will have picked up and be in line for a dividend payment.

Now that I have a job offer, I can start to relax a bit and get my finances sorted and keep myself on track. I have another interview with another company this week so fingers-crossed I can get another offer.

I have contacted my accountant to start getting last year’s tax form sorted, I have my rental income to declare. Hopefully I have no additional tax to pay as I have been paying some silly values in my PAYE, so should not get a big shock tax demand.

I have a new code for this year, after my employer stuffed up the employment details, so I should receive a nice refund in next months pay. Based on my use of the HMRC PAYE calculator, I should get a tasty refund which I can utilise.

This refund will be very helpful as I am trying to sort out all those silly little jobs on the house – annual boiler service for one. I am currently painting the hall so I can look to get a new carpet fitted and finally get rid of the worn out, insipid coloured carpet.

I even won £25 on my premium bonds last month, RESULT! I have received £100 so far from my bonds this year, I know they are not the best form of investment but given the very low savings rates and the fact that any winnings are tax free, it all helps at the moment. They form part of my ‘money spread’ so that I can get to it if I need it. It’s not immediate access but I can use it to cover less immediate expenses.


One thought on “September share purchase

  1. I haven’t won anything on my premium bonds in probably 10 years, so for me, it’s not ANY form of investment haha! Still, it’s not stopping me from buying a few more each month – just in case!

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