Interview – results

After my full-on interview last week, this week is ‘D-day’, I should have found out yesterday but no call.

I have another interview tomorrow, so have been prepping for that one, including a visit to one of their sites today to see what they are doing.

I have been reading up on the company and the person who is interviewing me. All this technology and online presence helps to get a background – works both ways.

The stories of watching what you put on the internet is very important. Prospective employers can track down those Not so good pictures from a very bad party, etc…

Lunchtime today, I received a call, I have been offered a job! That full-on interview was successful after all. Wow, just need the paperwork to truly accept that I have been offered it. I can never trust a verbal comment, seeing it in black&white is all important. Also need to see in writing the contract and offer, salary & benefits before I accept.

It will be a much shorter commute, approx 23 miles rather than the 54 miles I do now, (one way), so will halve my travel distance and reduce time. This will save on the car and also make me feel more MMM. The hours are the same but loosing that 2:30 hour driving time everyday will make a big difference to my wellbeing and reduce my tiredness. I will get my weekday evenings back.

The interview tomorrow, is even shorter distance, knocking another 2 miles off the single trip. Less pressure on this interview tomorrow now. Still want to go and compare the options. It helps to sense-check and compare the experiences.

Having a job to go to eases the pressure and means I can keep up my journey and my savings rate above 50% each month.

Just need to keep my head on this one and relax a bit. I was feeling worried as it was only the other week, I was sitting with a lot of job applications completed and no responses. Surrounded by people at work with interviews and job offers galore.


One thought on “Interview – results

  1. Congratulations on the job offer and I hope it’s something that you want to do. With a closer commute, you will have more time to yourself any how, so a better work/life balance there?

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