September Already! Where has this year gone?

I have reviewed my monthly dividend income and have broken a record with over £3k of dividend income – due to a nice big payout from one of the companies! (Final + Special)

I now want to reinvest this into some other shares to diversify my portfolio as I have such as high percentage in this one company I need to spread the risk.

I am pondering Glaxo (I have none in this company yet) but the price seems to be on a downward trend so want to catch it at a good time – it is ex-div at the moment so will not get any income out of it for a while – want to try and get the most I can afford to buy with the money I have. Also pondering increasing my Sage holding as they have been good for me or investing in National Grid (again, I have no holdings in this one yet either – but it looks like a good long term income source).

I need to start looking at how I will ‘semi-retire’ as I still have no job to go to when my current one finishes, only about 7 weeks left until I leave. I need to survive on my savings while finding a new job as I am not quite there will the FI status.

I should get a tax rebate due to the silly tax code which will help. I am also researching opening a 123 account to try and generate some interest from my cash savings as currently they are earning nothing in the savings accounts that they are sitting in. Potentially earning 3% on £20,000 as it rolls around to comply with the ‘payment’ and ‘debit’ rules would help to make this cash earn something significant rather than the current paltry interest. The ‘debit’ rules could be used to my advantage by also generating a cashback % of between 1% and 3% based on which direct debits I set up – telecoms/mobile bills seem to earn the highest cashback figure of 3% so those are the ones I am looking at. Plus I could get 1% cashback from paying my council tax bill via this account – a payment I have to make regardless of my employment status! The account does not seem to have any employment rules – just a requirement to pay in £500 per month.

So will continue my quest to make my money earn what it can based on my circumstances and cross my fingers that I can find a job soon.









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