Had a full-on interview this week for a new job.

Not really sure if I want to work at the place, I had heard bad reports from network contacts but visiting the place and meeting the interviewers has altered my perception of the office.

I had to complete 2 online tests – lots of questions in less time that it is possible to answer them in. Its ages since I have had to sit one of these types of tests and it was quite a traumatic experience. I have completed them and I know I have made mistakes, so it is now down to my interview more than anything as to whether I will be offered a job.

I think I was the first one in, so now have to wait while they interview everyone else and then await a call to say whether I was successful or not. I am not holding out much hope at the moment as others from work have applied there too (for different positions) and have received varying levels of success/failure. The common theme is that the interview is hard and I really don’t think I will get an offer – there is only one job going for the role I have applied for. The main aspect for me is that it was a hard interview so it has helped me learn and gain experience for the next one.





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