Mad job hunting

Well, another meeting, my formal individual consultation completed.

I am formally redundant and provided with my notice – 3 months – am expected to work it – even though I have no work and no line management to report all this through. I can go for interviews and I will be paid – what a prize – how considerate.

This redundancy process is such a farce! Everyone is expected to work their notice out. If we get other jobs then they will let us go early. Blatant job hunting is now evident in the office. The internet monitoring app will be top 10’s out on all the job sites!!

My sister had to do this, go in everyday, with no allocated work and sit in the office with all her workmates, they get on with their actual work while she surfs the internet looking at job sites and applying for new roles – how demoralizing and it really doesn’t make the office a good place to be. Contact your ‘manager’ to tell them when you are off job hunting or attending interviews.

It is so surreal.

It illustrates the pathetic state of employment and employee handing in the UK.

With my FI savings, I dont qualify for any unemployment benefits – can sign on for NI contributions only, which will keep my state pension ticking over, to enable me to qualify for whatever the state pension will be if/when I get to the pension age that will be applicable.

I need to start looking at my budgets now as well as job hunt, if I can prevent a gap in salary payments then I can keep contributing to my pension – if I can’t I will have to stop. What a hassle, although I can look at transferring my company pension across to my personal pension.

I also need to look at last year’s tax form and get that sorted with an accountant, I will have to pay extra tax for last year, so bang goes my savings for another hit.

Something like this does make you even more determined to get some kind of FI freedom and escape this mess that is a corporate life.

Off to sort my budgets.




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