Bad News Today

Received the bad news today. my job role is being made redundant.

So now the opportunity to reach FI will escape me.

Typical, I can but try to live off what I have for now while I try to find a lower paying job. I know I can live frugally and see if I can find something more fitting to my lifestyle – I want to have more free time and be less of a workaholic and not be ‘married to the job’ working all hours just to be treated like a number again.

I need to start getting my budgets sorted and my CV up to date and get out there and find something else – although having some time off to enjoy the good weather would be great for my health and wellbeing.



One thought on “Bad News Today

  1. Ohh, so sorry to hear about the bad news 😦 Perhaps the opportunity to reach FI won’t escape you, it’s just being ‘put on hold’ for now.

    Perhaps it might be a good idea, as you suggest, to take a little time out, enjoy the sunshine, clear your head a little before planning your next move.

    Good luck!

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