The Beginning


The beginning of my journey to FI.

I have been saving and keeping spending down for some years and have been targeting things like paying off my mortgage and credit cards and squirreling some money away into savings accounts.


Having read about FI, especially blogs from MMM and theFireStarter and others I have realised I need to focus on getting a passive income stream and allowing me to reduce this pressure I have from work and break the stressful link that is the working treadmill.

Having been made redundant and getting on in age, I have realised that I could end up on the scrapheap soon, the stress of my job role is likely to push me over the edge and I need a way of getting out of this grind and have some freedom and flexibility.

So here begins my journey.


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hello, came across your blog via Financially Free by Forty. I too only started looking at my financial situation properly in my 40s and aside from my work pension, I had no real savings and certainly no plan. I had bad credit card debts during most of my 20s and the whole of my 30s – if only I’d read about blogs like MMM back then!

    Looking at your Monthly Income tab, you already have a nice passive income stream, in particular your dividends as well as rent received.

    Good luck with your blog and with your FI journey!

    • Hi Weenie,

      Thanks, I have visited your site and will keep an eye on how you are doing too.
      I have been lucky that I wasn’t in debt in my 20s and 30s – mainly because my partner at the time was and I spent most of my time keeping us out of trouble. He had a ‘spend now, pay later’ view of life.

      Yes, I so wish I had read MMM earlier, saying that though I haven’t been too much of a spender in my younger days; something that was instilled in me from an early age. My parents and family were of the view that you saved up for whatever you wanted.

      Their other words of wisdom:

      Always have an emergency fund which has helped me – especially when:
      A) I split from my partner
      B) I was made redundant

      I have been lucky and intent to push for as much financial freedom I can muster. My job is shaky at the moment so the more I can do to have less dependency on it the better!

      Good luck with your FI journey and will enjoy reading your blog in the meantime.

      Keep saving!

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